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Patient Services


The physicians at LIDC are available for consultations 365 days a year in our conveniently located office at 1720 Nicholasville Road.  In addition to regular weekday hours, our providers offer limited hours on weekends for emergencies, and in many cases, can avoid hospitalizations for acute infections by offering outpatient antibiotic infusions simultaneously. Our infectious disease specialists are also available for consultation in five area hospitals.


Fecal Transplant

Clostridium Difficile is a serious and potentially deadly infection.  Although this condition can often be treated with proper antibiotics, it sometimes recurs or persists requiring fecal transplant to fully eradicate it.  This can be done through direct transplant of fecal matter via colonoscopy, or less invasively by the physicians of LIDC through an NG tube or by ingesting capsules. 


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