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New Patient Referrals

Reffering a patient

Referring a patient to LIDC is simple.  We use a standard form to request demographic and insurance information as well as reason for referral, but you may submit your own format so long as this information is included.  To expedite processing, please ensure that the form is complete and all pertinent records are included.  Please note, we require office notes, labs/cultures, and radiology reports as they apply to ensure the proper continuity of care for your patient.  Please feel free to indicate desired time frames and/or appointment dates and we will do our best to accommodate. 

For all same day/emergent appointments please call 859-277-4005 to speak with our intake coordinator directly.


After all information is received, our intake coordinator triages each referral and schedules appointments according to urgency.  We will call the patient directly to schedule and you will receive the appointment date and time via fax after this is complete

Insurances we DO NOT accept for new patient consults include: Cigna, Wellcare Medicaid, Wellcare Medicare, Passport, Caresource Medicaid, Aetna Medicaid, KY Medicaid, Anthem Medicaid or Humana Medicaid. If there are any questions feel free to reach out to our referral coordinator.

Submitting Referrals

859-277-4005 and speak with our intake coordinator for same day/emergent referrals.

Demographics, insurance information, reason for referral, and pertinent records to 859-977-0051.

If you have any questions please call 859-277-4005  ext 288.

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