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Lexington Infectious Disease Consultants' Patients and Families,

The recent COVID -19 pandemic has created stress and concern for our patients and families. We want everyone to know our patients' health and safety are our top priorities. We would like to inform you of added precautions our office is taking to combat these issues, reduce transmission, and limit anxiety amongst our patients.

LIDC is not seeing any COVID-19 patients in our office. We will not be testing any patients for COVID -19 in our office. Patients with new shortness of breath, or fever will not enter our office.

We are asking patients to please limit any friends or family to come to these appointments with them and to come with them only when necessary.

We appreciate your effort in helping LIDC continue to adapt to this changing environment.

Thank You!

Check out The IDSA Podcast featuring Dr. Mark Dougherty, published April 9, 2020


For more information regarding COVID-19, please watch Dr. Rodrigue's videos below.

COVID-19 Coronavirus
Dr. Rodrigue COVID-19 4/03/2020
COVID-19, Coronavirus
Dr. Rodrigue COVID-19 3/27/2020
COVID-19, Coronavirus
Dr. Rodrigue COVID-19 3/16/2020

For information regarding PPE Conservation and Telemedicine in your own Hospital, please watch videos below.

COVID-19, Coronavirus
Dr. Dougherty PPE Conservation and Telehealth
N95 Conservation
Dr. Mark Spanier Conserving his N95

For More Information on COVID-19:

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